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Elixir and the Blockchain - a Perfect Match?

The talk I gave in Budapest at CODE Beam Lite, in September of 2019. I explained the concepts that underly the Blockchain tech, and explored the topic of using Elixir in the Blockchain space.

This talk wasn’t recorded, but I did get some photos from the conference - and the slides are on the bottom of the page.

Miloš Mošić showing an example Smart Contract code

Since I’ve worked both in the Blockchain space - developing the decentralized MainframeOS platform, co-writing the Mainframe Token Contract that was used for the Mainframe ICO - and also have been using Elixir on the backend since 2014, I thought that I could provide some useful insight on the intersection of the two technologies. It was a high-level talk, but I hope to give another one on the same topic with demos and more in-depth coverage of pros and cons of using Elixir.

Miloš Mošić preparing code for the Blockchain presentation Miloš Mošić explaining what Smart Contracts are

I loved the whole atmosphere of the conference, instead of being in a hotel like most events, this CODE Beam Lite was held in the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. Something about giving a talk in the student amphiteatre makes it feel more important, so it was easy to get into the role of the speaker.

Miloš Mošić conference speaker tags Miloš Mošić in the CODE Beam conference space

Of course, there were awesome people there (as usual on the Elixir events) and some of them asked me to share slides - even though there’s no video to follow it with. So here they are for posterity: