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Introduction to Erebos: a JavaScript client for Swarm

I gave a talk about Erebos, an open source client library we developed in Mainframe. Its purpose is to make the usage of Swarm, Ethereum's Distributed Storage component, easier for developers, and add features that were not provided by the offical APIs.

Since this was a Swarm Summit after all, I focused on explaining what Erebos is, and what are the benefits that it brings to the ecosystem. We’ve built the Erebos library to make it easy to use Swarm and add more features on top of it, with the goal of making it the defacto standard interface for communicating with Ethereum’s storage.

Miloš Mošić explaining the benefits of Erebos Miloš Mošić talking about the features that Erebos has

Two of my coworkers at the time, Dr. Shane Howley and Camron Levanger also gave talks on other aspects of our usage of Swarm, and our new colleague, Robson Silva Junior, joined us for his first week in the Mainframe team.

Mainframe team at Swarm Summit in Madrid

We spent the week in Madrid together and it was a blast! Can’t wait to go again sometime, the city is beautiful.