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One project rebuilt 4 times: .NET, then Ruby, then Node... and now Elixir

My first tech talk. After Marco Herbst, the CEO of Evercam, explained the non-technical background of how we got there, I talked about my decision to introduce Elixir into our stack.

Marco Herbst gave a funny (but true) overview of how he got he went from having a small idea for a project to having a startup focusing on the security cameras in the new world of Internet of Things.

He also announced that, starting from that day, all of Evercam’s code will be open-source, and we would continue to build the whole platform and its applications in the open.

Marco Herbst talking about the genesis of Evercam

Being my first tech talk ever, I naturally felt really anxious about giving it - and having Joe Armstrong and José Valim in the audience didn’t help with that! So instead of explaining theoretical advantages of using Elixir, I focused on my own experiences in the previous several months, and how the transition to learning and using Elixir on the daily basis affected me and the people I was leading in Evercam as the new CTO.

I feel like I could give a much better talk about the same subject now, after gaining both more practice with public speaking and working on other Elixir projects, but I’m glad that this talk was recorded and I can see how far I’ve progressed since.

Miloš Mošić giving a talk about the switch to Elixir A map showing the roadtrip that followed Elixir Conf EU

As seen on the map above, after the talk my girlfriend and I continued our trip by going to Berlin for a couple of days, then Bratislava, before heading back home to Belgrade. This served as a nice break after trying to rewrite a big chunk of legacy Ruby code, prepare for the talk, and coach other developers in the company to work with Elixir.