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Phoenix Live View - Making modern web apps without JavaScript

I gave a talk on Elixir and Phoenix Live View at a meetup in Belgrade, in 2019. I talked about my experiences with Elixir and what lead me to use Phoenix Live View for a project we had in Mainframe at the time.

I was pretty excited when I got the invite to give a talk on anything Elixir-related on the meetup in Belgrade, as the community there is still pretty small. I’ve noticed that the interest in Elixir has been steadily growing in Serbia, so I wanted to help with that and share some of my experiences using it in production.

I chose to talk about Phoenix Live View, as the project was still pretty novel so even people who’re using Elixir already would hear something new and interesting. I went over some of my background and reasons why using Elixir and Phoenix would be a good idea in general, and then explained how Phoenix Live View worked.

The Q&A section wasn’t filmed (and it was in Serbian, so it wouldn’t have been useful here), but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of questions - I ended up talking for a longer amount of time there than in the original presentation.